The Western Wyoming Trail Riders and Stewards of the Greys have submitted a “mixed” use plan for the trails in the Greys River Range.  In their words this proposal includes:


“The Middle Ridge Trail would start near the junction of Greys River and little Greys Road to the north and would end near Deadman creek and ‘the elbow’ area to the south.”

“The Porcupine Ridge Trail would be extended southward to create a loop trail.  This proposed route would also include the existing spur which connects the former drill pad area and also the segment which connects the proposed Middle Ridge Trail.”

“The Telephone Pass Trail be converted to ATV/UTV trail along its entire length.”

“Strawberry creek from Star Valley is proposed fo a 2-track into the Meadows near Greys River Road back toward the east along its entire length.”

“From Dry Creek, near North Fork, a small loop back to the Sheepherders Flat is proposed”

These areas have not already been developed for a reason.  There is already too much resource damage and unmapped trails being made in the Salt River Range.  The Forest Service does not have the resources to maintain the trails that we already have.  The trails that are used by motor vehicles turn to gravel, then wash, making them unsuitable for any use, let alone mixed use.

Those that propose the creation of these trails agree to “maintain and manage the proposed trails listed above under an approved Forest Service agreement for maintenance, stewardship, and education.” I would argue that this cannot and should not happen on our watch.  I am not against motorized travel in our National Forest.  There is room for both.  Just not on the same trails.  If new trails are made they should be subject to a scientifically based travel plan that is economically sustainable for both proper creation and maintenance.  When these decisions are made the Forest Trail Preservation Council would just like a seat at the table to protect the fragile ecosystems that make this area unique.  Let your voice be heard. Contact the following people and let them know where you stand on this issue.


Richard Raione, District Ranger: (307) 886-5310

Jerry Harmon: (307) 877-2003

Robert King: (307) 877-2002

Kent Connelly: (307) 877-2001