This last Monday I had the opportunity to hit the middle ridge trail on the Greys River.  Nestled between the confluence of the Little and Big Greys, this trail is a spectacular single track that runs 19 miles back to Deadman Creek.  The ridge is narrow, rocky, and provides excellent views of both the Salt River and Wyoming Ranges.  It is also part of a proposed ATV route to expand riding opportunities in this area.  Keep in mind, I am not anit-ATV.  I feel that there needs to be careful use of our resources and there needs to be an organized, scientific, and specific plan in place to address these issues.  The steepness, the ruggedness, and the terrain on the middle ridge are not conducive to motorized travel.  If you have a chance, check it out- but please use your own two feet.



My best Lorax Impression:




@nicdemler @slukenelson bomb the middle ridge trail. #patagonia #patagoniatrailrunning #noATVtrailhere

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All photos by Luke Nelson