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The sport of ultra running is growing quickly and you want to get on the train but aren’t quite sure where to start. An experienced coach may just be the right answer. Maybe you are an experienced runner but would like some guidance on how to get started at a new distance-or want to take your game to the mountains. I can help.

My favorite thing about running is that there is something in the sport for everyone, from winning a local fun run, to completing your first 100- (or 200) mile race, and everything in between. I have dedicated my life as both a coach and an athlete to the sport and have the experiences necessary to help you achieve your potential and explore your limits as a runner.


  •  Deals on Patagonia, Ultraspire, and First endurance
  • Unlimited access by email/phone/facetime, etc
  • Original Draney Endurance LLC. Hat


  •  Deals on Patagonia, Ultraspire, and First endurance
  • Unlimited access by email/phone/facetime, etc
  • Original Draney Endurance LLC. Hat

*Pricing for training plans are based on a pre paid arrangement.

Workouts can be tracked through a variety of options.  A simple log sheet we can email, Strava, or moves count if you have a Suunto.



100k, 60k, and 30k

June 3rd, 2017

This is a difficult and beautiful race in the Bannock and Pocatello mountain ranges surrounding Pocatello Idaho. The full course is 100 kilometers long (62.5 miles) with 12,700′ of vertical gain and 12,700′ of vertical loss.  In 2013 there are three different solo race lengths: 100k (62.5 miles), 60km (actually 37.3 miles w/ 8,900′ of gain), and 35 k (actually 21.3 miles w/ 5,100′ of gain).    Note that the full 100k race runs all three legs, the 60km race runs legs 2 and 3, and the 35km race runs  leg 3.

1) 100 km 13,200′ of gain, 13,200′ of loss.
2) 60 km 8,900′ gain, 8,000′ of loss.
3) 35 km 5,500′ gain, 5,250′ of loss.

All SMUT plans are $45.00

35k PLAN

This plan touches on many of the facets of fitness you will need on race day- increasing your speed, strength, and running efficiency will prepare you to attack the hills, both up and down with confidence.

60k PLAN

The 60k plan contains many of the same elements as the 35k plan but focuses on more mileage and longer long runs to provide the added endurance needed to complete the ultra distance in style.

100k PLAN

the SMUT 100k demands that a runner be proficient in all areas of mountain running. Having the fitness to be strong uphill, relaxed downhill, and efficient on the flats will allow you to reach your goal. Double long runs will provide iron quads and iron will on race day.

El Vaquero Loco 

50k and 25k

August 5th, 2017 

Out and back on single/double track on National Forest. Includes high-mountain lakes, steep, long climbs, amazing views of the Salt River and Wyoming mountain ranges. Five aid stations for the 50k including manned aid (only place for drop bags)> Others will have limited supplies due to access. Two aid stations for 25k running to 50k start. Nearly 9000 ft. of climb/descent for the 50k, 4500 for the 25k. This is a difficult wilderness race.

All Vaquero plans are $35.00

50k PLAN

The Vaquero 50k is a great way to test your summer fitness and prepare for that fall 100 goal race. The better prepared you are the more you will enjoy the wildflowers.

25k PLAN

Only 1/2 the distance, but more than twice the fun. A plan to get you and your quads through 15 beautiful miles of heaven.

The BEAR 100

22,000 feet of climbing

September 29-30 2017

A Cool, Autumn point to point race through the Pines, Golden Aspen and Red Maples of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah, the Bear River Range of Idaho and finishing at Bear Lake.

Bear 100 plan is $100.00

100 Miler PLAN

One of the classics. The originals. This plan will get you through the hollows from Logan to Fish Haven with enough fitness to enjoy the fall colors and earn that wolverine or grizzly bear buckle you’ve been coveting.


18 years of ultra-running experience with wins in at 50k, 100k, 50 mile, and 100- mile distances. 

Post Doctorate of Distance: Hardrock 100- 2014 (28:46.04) Top 10 finish

18 years of coaching High School cross country and track and field.

USATF level 1 certified coach.

87 all-state athletes

65 state champions

11 time Wyoming Coach OTY

11 state championship teams

Nominated for the 2017 National High School Coaches Association COY

Member of the Wyoming Coaches Association

24-time Wyoming Regional Coach of the Year

Nominated for 2014 National High School Coaches Association Girl’s XC Coach of the Year


2018 Sponsors

Ty Draney Endurance coaching made all the difference for me last year, Ty helped me make the transition from Cyclist to Runner and helped boost my fitness and racing to a whole other level. Ty helped me by providing in depth weekly training plans that always had my race goals in mind and then was able to help me with my race strategy and nutrition plans for my races.

Brian Tolbert

2015 Timp Marathon Champion

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