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Old school fun in Western Wyoming

Spring has sprung!

Being a runner in Wyoming this time of year is very much like running a 100 mile race. After a loooong winter of ice, snow, and freezing temps we are beginning to see life reemerge, the snow is melting, and more runnable dirt is being exposed each day. If you've had a...

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Suffer Better- Vaquero Style 2014

As the above photo may indicate, Navidad vino temprano this year. No doubt, Hardrock 2014 is the main focus for my season this year. I have run it twice before, both times I was overwhelmed by the vastness of the San Juan's and the altitude. Even living at 6k and...

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The 10th annual running of the Vaquero Loco 50k/25k races will be August 9, 2014. Registration will go live on 12/20 @ midnight. What a better gift for your significant other than a fall tour of the Salt River Range. After some deliberation we will...

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Thank You!!!!

To all those sponsors and runners who participated in the 2013 Vaquero races we thank you. Your generosity allowed 36 athletes to attend NXN regionals in Boise for the price of their entry fee. Your contributions paid for lodging, transportation, and 7 dozen donuts to...

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2013 Vaquero Results

Thank you for attending this year's races. Special thanks to the many volunteers, sponsors, and my family for making this another fun and exciting event. Results are now posted on and can be found HERE. If you have photos and/or video of this year's...

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Its about race time!

Race day is almost here. T minus one week! We are scrambling to make this your best Vaquero experience ever. We have a bunch of goods from Patagonia, Ultraspire, Patagonia Footwear, Black Diamond, and First Endurance for you. We will randomly draw #'s to see who wins...

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The Summer Race Season is upon us…

We hope that all your summer racing plans and training are going well. We are excited for this year's version of the Vaquero races in August. Thanks to Christian Johnson we have a new map and a new profile for your viewing/planning pleasure. Check them out on the menu...

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Winter Adventurethons

I have made the comment more than once that the winters in Wyoming are bearable. Its just the fact that spring never seems to get here. Now is the time of year when we are in the winter doldrums. Leave the valley in any direction and you can see (and better yet run)...

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The 9th annual Vaquero Loco races will take place on Saturday, August 10. The 50k will start at 6 a.m. @ Cottonwood Lake and the 25k will start at 8:30 a.m. @ the Intermittent Spring Parking Lot up Swift Creek Canyon. We are working on maps and a website to better...

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Ode to the Beard

November is a funny time of year for ultrarunners. It may be the only time of year when we are not entirely united and immersed in training, racing, and pacing. Some of us are racing on fumes (a.k.a. NF50), others are taking a break, and other are already started on...

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30 years of Mt. Masochist

Shortly after the Bear I still had a racing itch that needed scratching so I contacted my Patagonia teammate Clark Zealand about going back east to participate in the 30th running of the Mt. Masochist 50 near Lynchburg, Va. I had some points accrued for a ticket and...

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The Bear 100- 2012

Jenna the butterfly whisperer CREWing at the Bear 100 It's been a while since I have written a post. This last spring/summer have been super busy with many adventures that have taken me from Zion NP to the Black Hills, and San Diego to the Tetons. These adventures...

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2012 Results

Sorry for the delay on the results. Thanks to Dahl Erickson at the Star Valley Independent they are even as early as they are. Thanks for attending and providing us with a great day with lots of good vibes out on the trail. Extra thanks for our aid station captains...

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Almost Here

Runners, We hope that you are excited about this Year's race. We've been working hard to make it the best one yet. Pleaser remember the following items:- packet pick up tomorrow from 7 to 8:30 at Star View Park one block East of Wells Fargo in AftonIf you cannot make...

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A couple of more things…

It looks like it will be hot this weekend so bring your extra water bottle and your sombrero. We will have the normal aid station fare at miles 4, 7.5, 10, turnaround, then back home....this includes snickers, salty nut rolls, hard candy, pretzels, water and EFS...

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2018 Sponsors

Ty Draney Endurance coaching made all the difference for me last year, Ty helped me make the transition from Cyclist to Runner and helped boost my fitness and racing to a whole other level. Ty helped me by providing in depth weekly training plans that always had my race goals in mind and then was able to help me with my race strategy and nutrition plans for my races.

Brian Tolbert

2015 Timp Marathon Champion

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