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Old school fun in Western Wyoming

Racing is fun but it is only a facet of what we do. Protecting the areas in which we adventure is the heart and soul of ultrarunning. There is nothing quite as empowering or humbling as a self propelled day in the mountains. The mountains don’t care how fast you are and they always demand respect. We have a huge responsibility to take care of these places. The future generations deserve to have the same opportunities and enjoy the wild as we do.

Type 3 Fun (Fun Divided by Three)

If you've ever attempted to explain to someone why it is "fun" to run 100 miles, ride a double century, or any other "sufferfest" it can be difficult to pinpoint why we do the things we do in our spare time. Why do these things make total sense to some and seem total...

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Chase your dreams…

I have been inspired as have many of you by Meb's run at the NYC marathon this last weekend. I met Meb in 2001 at the World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton. Like most runners he was quiet, kind, and gracious when answering my questions and requests for...

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The Teton Crest Trail

Yesterday my good friend Mark Bodamer drove down from Spokane for a little adventure in the Tetons. Mark and I met when at Hagg Lake 50k when we both lived in Oregon. We nearly solved all the worlds problems on our runs in the Tillamook Forest and Mark inspired me...

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Wolf Mountain-Snake River Canyon

As it gets later and later in the year I keep thinking that each run on dirt will be my last-which in western Wyoming in late November very well could be right. As Eric pointed out-"Winter here isn't so bad-it's just the fact that spring never seems to come." Yes,...

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2018 Sponsors

Ty Draney Endurance coaching made all the difference for me last year, Ty helped me make the transition from Cyclist to Runner and helped boost my fitness and racing to a whole other level. Ty helped me by providing in depth weekly training plans that always had my race goals in mind and then was able to help me with my race strategy and nutrition plans for my races.

Brian Tolbert

2015 Timp Marathon Champion

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