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Old school fun in Western Wyoming

Racing is fun but it is only a facet of what we do. Protecting the areas in which we adventure is the heart and soul of ultrarunning. There is nothing quite as empowering or humbling as a self propelled day in the mountains. The mountains don’t care how fast you are and they always demand respect. We have a huge responsibility to take care of these places. The future generations deserve to have the same opportunities and enjoy the wild as we do.

i regret to inform you…

I read Laz's words of "encouragement" only minutes after getting a text from Jared, "Did you get a condolence letter?" I was as confident as I have ever been about anything- there's no way I would be picked, With only 40 slots available and a surge in interest in...

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Greys (River) Gnar

With an Ice Beard, you feel, anything is possible.  It is transformative.  Almost like a drug...Normal Mark sees a locked door and thinks, "Ah well.  Guess I won't be entering THAT room." Ice Beard Mark sees that same door and smashes it with his Ice Beard.  - Mark...

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Middle-Ridge Trail

This last Monday I had the opportunity to hit the middle ridge trail on the Greys River.  Nestled between the confluence of the Little and Big Greys, this trail is a spectacular single track that runs 19 miles back to Deadman Creek.  The ridge is narrow, rocky, and...

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Patagonia Offsite 2015

  Spring is super busy at our house so I was excited to be able to make time in my schedule for a quick trip to the desert to meet with the Patagonia ambassadors and team members to run, discuss the future of the line, and present marketing for Patagonia Inc. After an...

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JMT…Yes, please

Yesterday I was totally bummed because I wouldn't be returning to the Canary Islands this spring-indeed, "life is what happens when you have other plans..."  Work commitments and timing proved that this trip wasn't in the cards this year.  Less than 24 hrs. later I...

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The Bear 200

Several of you have asked when I would have a report up about my Bear 200 adventure. It has been a lot to digest. Not entirely because of the enormity of the project but also the personal nature of it. I appreciate Leon for helping me articulate the experience. The...

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Winter Adventurethons

I have made the comment more than once that the winters in Wyoming are bearable. Its just the fact that spring never seems to get here. Now is the time of year when we are in the winter doldrums. Leave the valley in any direction and you can see (and better yet run)...

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More Salmon Run Coverage

With no news to speak of-work has me swamped right now-here are a couple of links of some more coverage on the Luke and I's Salmon run. Hopefully it will bring a little more awareness.National GeographicThe Cleanest LineThe good weather is still holding out. Hoping to...

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The Great Salmon Run-How it all went down

"I think we're taking this whole Salmon metaphor way too far...." That's all I could come up with at the time. We had been wandering off course for hours, trying to get up to the Bighorn Crags. As it turns out the 78 miles we ran along the river was the easy part. We...

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The Great Salmon Run

This weekend Luke Nelson and I will be running 120 miles along the Salmon River to help raise funds and awareness for the Save Our Wild Salmon campaign. We are planning to run around 78 miles along the river before exiting the river and concluding our run. You can...

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The Wind River Crestline Route: Part Deux

Last year Jared and I made an attempt of this route and had to re-route last minute due to injury. This year we were rest, health, happy, and itching for some trail time. I'm always amazed at the scenery and difficulty of the Wind River Range (the joke of the day was,...

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Wind River Crest Quest

A couple of years in the making, Jared Campbell and I have been talking about doing the JMT together. Making the rookie mistake and not getting our names submitted for the permit lottery we decided to take a stab at the highline trail in the Wind River Range. Not only...

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2018 Sponsors

Ty Draney Endurance coaching made all the difference for me last year, Ty helped me make the transition from Cyclist to Runner and helped boost my fitness and racing to a whole other level. Ty helped me by providing in depth weekly training plans that always had my race goals in mind and then was able to help me with my race strategy and nutrition plans for my races.

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