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This year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Ty as a coach. I felt like I needed to mix up my training after years of doing the same thing. One of the most important pieces for me was that Ty created a plan that fit into my life- with two young children, a part time job, and a husband who works long hours, it was a balancing act. This is something that Ty gets and knows how to manage. Thanks to his help in providing quality workouts and showing me the benefits of quality over logging lots of miles, I feel like I had one of my best seasons in the thirteen years I’ve runs ultras.

Ashley Nordell

2016 Bighorn 100 mile Winner and 2016 Ozark Trail 100 mile Overall Winner


Race specific places for Scout Mountain Ultras and El Vaquero Loco

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Ty Draney Endurance coaching made all the difference for me last year, Ty helped me make the transition from Cyclist to Runner and helped boost my fitness and racing to a whole other level. Ty helped me by providing in depth weekly training plans that always had my race goals in mind and then was able to help me with my race strategy and nutrition plans for my races.

Brian Tolbert

2015 Timp Marathon Champion

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